Is it wise to sell assets from my game on the marketplace?

Hey. I ironically had a similar question earlier this year about whether or not creating your own content vs buying from marketplaces made any difference with developing your game. Well now that I was educated on that, I now have a question related to creating assets for my game, but this time selling those assets in the marketplace! Are there any drawbacks/downsides, or possible concerns that I would face by creating assets meant for and otherwise designed for my game, and then selling them as packages on the marketplace? I’m currently starting to build a collection of objects/modular kits for my game and I thought about possibly selling it on the marketplace.

If I did this, I would of course put a lot of effort into making the assets even more-so presentable and useful (since I wouldn’t be the only one using it). I don’t mean taking random chunks of my game and selling it, but selling actual sets of objects. Does it matter if I’m creating a game and allowing others to use a selection of the same assets? I thought about doing this to help pay for additional software, as well as because it would be quite fun. My main concern is if whether or not it’s okay or wise for a developer to sell assets from their projects, without being a dedicated marketplace content-provider.

I would wait until after your game releases, that way you at least have a period of time that the content is exclusive to you. Other than that, just follow the guidelines for preparing your content for the marketplace

Couldn’t agree more with DarthViper.

If you were to release the assets before your actual release of game and someone then released a Commercial project with your assets before yourself. It would appear to the masses that the original content owner was them and when your game appears with the same assets people who are not interested in doing research may assume you are not original.

If you need an income boost you can always apply for an Unreal Dev Grant or look down the lines of Kickstarter.

Well that makes a lot of sense, thanks. I’m no where near the needing-funding stage at this moment though, but when my project starts to take off I’d definitely look at those routes.