Is it still possible to make money as an indie on steam & consoles?

I know creating games shouldn’t be about just money- its about passion & sharing your creativity with the world. However, making money from your project would help so much. But since its getting easier to create games, and steam is getting pretty saturated like the mobile market, Is is still possible for a single indie or very small team to have success on steam/other platforms besides mobile? Like enough to support you full time, if it’s actually unique and a quality game?

I’m working on a pretty big project and have spent many years working on the content for it, but I keep having people bring me down saying that “getting rich” from game dev is becoming almost impossible now. I don’t necessarily want to become a millionaire overnight or anything, but I also don’t want to have to make many different small games just to pay bills. I feel like I have learned for so many years and spent so many more creating, to have it never pay off is making me sad.

A dev grant is great, but most projects only get 10k, 15k, maybe even 20k, that’s not enough to support doing this full time. And kickstarter/indiegogo seems like it isn’t as great as it used to be now. I have read ways to market a game without a big budget, and since blueprints allow single individuals to both create functioning gameplay and 3d models / animations, I feel very powerful. But I can’t help but have this feeling that I get from reading around and hearing people say its very hard to make a living, or possibly more from doing this now.

What do you guys think? Is the time to shine over? Or is it the perfect time?

It isn’t likely. Part of it though is that most people don’t even come close to releasing their projects. As far as how successful a project can be, part of it is that you need to understand more about the market, you can’t necessarily just make something you like and expect it to do well if other people aren’t that interested in the idea.