Is it really recommended to use UE4 builtin server ?

I feel comfortable to set up my socket server and client. What if I don’t use the server provided by UE4 ? Will I encounter weird or buggy issue ?


Not at all. I have a project which using my own socket plugin and connect to a C# socket server.

A lot of products don’t use the built-in replication. Using your own socket server is fine and will be easier to debug since you know the code. :cool:

If your server doesn’t have to simulate physics world then most likely you should avoid using Unreal Server. It reproduces the whole level world in server, some maps can easily go above 4GB of ram and your hosting billing won’t be pleasant.

Thanks for your all kind help. I work on multiplayer project with Socket.IO, which seems easier to use. Hopefully it is not too slow. :slight_smile: