Is it Practical to use a beam Particle on a Projectile?

Hello, I want to make a (lightning like)beam particle to follow my projectile after I shoot it, but its impossible to use “use local space” on a beam particle and it wont even be fixed because unreal is going full throttle on Niagara(I’m so not waiting for Cascade to be replaced :(!)

so this makes a few possible problems, correct me if I’m wrong:

**1.**the beam wont follow the projectile as it should, unless I’ll make it really quick(the beam will lag back)

**2.**the beam wont necessarily take the correct rotation while following the projectile

if you think there might be more problems with the beam following the projectile please feel free to add them to the conversion

if I’m wrong please correct me and if I’m right let me know if you have a work around :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!