Is it possible to use UE4 with multiple cameras and multiple displays?


I work for a company producing a CAVE environment, and I’m toying with the idea of possibly using UE4 for the engine to run the interactive scene we display in it. The CAVE environment is a box-shaped room where the walls and ceilings are projector screens, and a 3D environment is projected onto them to produce an experience similar to VR but without a headset.

At the moment we’re using Unity to develop the scenes, but whilst we’re looking to overhaul a lot of the code, I’m wondering whether to bite the bullet and switch over to UE4. Of course, I’ll have to convert the assets .etc. over to UE4, but I know systems exist to do this. Out-of-the-box, Unity supports multiple displays, where each camera view within the scene can be sent to a specific display in full-screen mode.

Now onto my question; how would I go about doing this in UE4? What I need to do is set up a camera rig with 5 cameras, and send the images to different displays somehow. I don’t mind if I need to modify the engine, but please could somebody talk me through it?

this is exactly what our technology does - please check this out -