Is it possible to rotate a third person upper body's pitch/yaw while keeping the lower body still?

Hi all, thanks for reading!

What I am trying to achieve, I think is pretty simple, but I don’t have a whole lot of experience with animation, and I have been floundering on this for a few days. So I am looking for this:

I want to keep my character more or less following the third person template, as in, I like the controls and the camera movements and everything, but when I draw my weapon, I would like to bind the camera to my character. Now I figured out how to do that, but when I attach the pitch to my character as well, he does some funky things, like rotate through the floor. Is there a way to play the attack animations without rolling through the floor? I imagine it would be something like… play an animation, but only bind it to my upper body, but I would need to make sure my character doesn’t rotate 180 degrees or something, and I would have to be sure that he snaps back to position when I put my weapon away.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

What you are looking for are Aim Offsets

You are a beautiful human being! Thank you!