Is it possible to repeat landscape in world composition?

I’d like to create a tiled world with basic landscape on which i would spawn mesh mountains and other actors. Is it possible to do this in world composition?

I don’t want to generate new map for every tile, i’d like to use same landscape just with different actors on it (like flat piece of landscape, 100m inclination, corner piece for inclination). Or would it be better to write a blueprint with level streaming that loads maps automatically when aproaching edge of map. I liked tutorial for infinite runner but that was done with static meshes and i would like to use landscape properties like painting and sculpting if needed.

Im trying to achieve a large travel map, something like euro track simulator. I’d like to keep a database how map tiles are conected and just spawn road splines into them, some actor meshes like mountains, trees and houses. I made tiled terrain in world machine but 120kmx55km took about 60gb plain terrain. I’m hoping to keep a small volume while generating huge different maps. Thank you for your help.

If you will use 1 map and load meshes on demand, you will have huge lag and delay when user approaches map edge. Pretty much the only solution is to have world compositor with seperate tiles, because you want to have as much precalculted/preplaced data as possible, else you will just end up with huge loading times between maps

Right now I am having 100x100km map myself, and this is VERY hard to pull off, get ready for a nightmare, because not only UE4 will become long to load itself, the project growth exponentially fast, i.e. you must understand, that task you are aiming for is AAA-class task and is not going to be easy no matter what, you will need to be pro and innovative.

Actually i was just worrying about physics simulation with big map. I’m worrying something bad can happen further from centre. Right now i’m working on blueprint based on loading level instances. 225km2 map takes about 10s to load without actors just plain landscape. Much faster then world composition.

Still i would prefer world composition if i coul repeat the tiles cause it’s workin out of the box.