Is it possible to "remap" blueprints like DinoColorSet_x ?

I’m new here and couldn’t find a topic about this:

I want to have one mod changing the stats of the Gigantosaurus by using the ‘Remap NPC’ function to replace the vanilla Gigant_Character_BP with my version, where I changed the Meele Damage, Health and Health/Damage growth stats.

I want to have a second mod that changes the DinoColorSet_ for every Dino wihtout having to use the ‘Remap NPC’ function since (as far as I understand it) this would either overwrite the ‘stat-modified’ version of the Gigant_Character_BP or the version with the new color sets, probably depending on load-order (correct me if I’m wrong).

So, is there a possibility to replace a ‘lowlevel’ blueprint/class like the DinoColorSet_x blueprint without having to Remap the entire ‘highlevel’ blueprint (e.g. by using ‘Remap NPC’ function), so that, as long as the ‘Random Color Sets Male/Female’ entries remain unchanged, every whatsoever modified and added/remapped (as well as the vanilla) version of a x_Character_BP utilises the modified color sets?

So far, in advance, thanks for your replies :wink:

(and note that this is just the example I’m currently concerned with, my interest here lies more in the general stackablility of mods modifying different subclasses [edit: assets/components] in the same ‘blueprint structure tree’)