Is it possible to put two Mesh's into one Pawn Blueprint Class? And be able to control them using separate keys?

i wanna assign keys A and D to one Mesh and keys W and S to the other Mesh

Yeah. If you don’t know how, just start from here. After a while you’ll know how to it and even more :slight_smile:

Yeah i know, I’ve already watched them. i’m just looking for any outside input or know how because i’m terrible at blueprint lol…

You’ll probably need to know about Input Mappings and some "Transformation nodes like “Set Location” or “Add Offset”. I guess you already know how Blueprint execution flow and stuff works in there.
After watching some of those tutorials I just started messing around in the Blueprints. For me that is best way to learn anything, learn basics and then mess around until hit a dead end, then just google or ask :slight_smile: