Is it possible to project UE4 scene on a full dome?

We have an UE4 scene which we would like to project on a full dome using an iPad to control the movements within the scene.

Can you provide some technical information regarding this matter?

I have an interview on a dome project this Monday.
I was really hoping that Epic or someone else wrote a plug-in we could buy.
I’m now reading some of the other “full dome” threads from 2014.
I’m really surprised this is not turn-key in UE4 by now!
Unreal Support, please make this top priority!
Maybe a tut, or a developed Scene with Camara Rig as an example?
Still reading and thinking…


Hi MarFX. Did you find any way for projecting scene on a dome ? I’m trying to investigate that topic right now and there’s very little useful information on that topic.

I’m currently working in a full dome projection. I m going to use equirectangular picture. It’s seam to be the best files for these dome projection camera

And now, i can tell you : I’m sure, it’s works really well projected on a planetarium dome. I used advice and tools from Andrew Weidenhammer. Stereo Pano Camera Tutorial for UE4 - YouTube
I only modify capture to be one picture export, instead of two for each eyes and 3d features


I do not quite understand just on cutting. Tell me please.
Please describe in more detail.

Comme je l’ai dit plus haut, j’ai suivi les vidéos tutoriels de Andrew Weidenhammer. Stereo Pano Camera Tutorial for UE4 - YouTube