Is it possible to offset "Set View Target"?

Hey all, I’m trying to create a snap to original camera position on button press in the 3rd Person template. I’ve created a script, but the camera jumps into the players head and I can’t assign the Set View to anything but the player.

Is it possible to create an offset to Set View Target so the camera resets to it’s default location behind the main character? I’ve attached my current blueprint.

Thanks all!
, Ryan

The camera on the 3rd person character is on a boom (spring arm), so the spring arm is what controls the camera’s rotation (that’s why you orbit the character instead of looking around from the camera’s POV). If you snap the camera to anything you’re moving the wrong component.
Also, remember that the character controller (basically your camera) and the character pawn (the thing you control) are two separate things. The pawn is something your controller possesses.
To reset your view, just snap the springarm’s rotation (in this case the character controller’s rotation, because the spring arm is set to use controller rotation) to the character pawn’s rotation:


You’re a star. Thank-you. I didn’t realise it was the spring arm that was the subject in question. Thank-you kindly!