Is It Possible To Make Matchmaking System Without Server?

Hello everyone,

I want to make the listen server architecture. Cheating is not important in the game. The limit for every room will be 2 players and I will send data in the game by using RPC functions.

I don’t have much knowledge about matchmaking systems. As far as I know, matchmaking is a system to connect players each other (creating lobby and connecting them). To be able to do this, do I need a server? Can I make a matchmaking system with some libraries like

There are tutorials about Steamworks Matchmaking, however, the game will be published on Google Play.

If you want matchmaking, you need a server of some kind for the matchmaking to run on.

I don’t know much about under the hood, but I don’t have to list all the lobbies in the game. The players will send invitations to each other. So, there is no way to implement this logic without a server?

The server is necessary in the case that the client doesn’t know the address of the computer they’re connecting to. If it’s over a local network then there’s a way to do network discovery so that computers can discover each other, otherwise you would have to have them set up to connect to a server which would then share the info between the devices so that they can connect. Matchmaking is something where the server then chooses who to connect to whom, like you might have thousands of players and some criteria about how players should be matched together.

Thank you for the answers. Since, it’s a turn-based game, I want to connect to players each other without any server. I think, this system is called peer-to-peer; however, Unreal doesn’t support it at all, I guess. I basically need to send a message from one client to another client.

Is there any external libraries to do this?

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