Is it possible to make layers in Auto landscape material?

Hello, its my first post here, so I’m sorry if its not in the right category, also sorry for my english!
I have made a Auto landscape material from 3 materials (grass , dirt, stone). I used BreakMaterialAttributes for them and combined them into one material (the Auto one) via LinearInterpolate and LandscapeLayerBlend. So I combined these 3 materials into one and covered my whole landscape. But I want to make my foliage to be painted only on the grass, using the painting tool. So I select my foliage and in its settings in Inclusion Landscape Layers if i add my auto material layer it will paint in everything, including dirt and stone layers, because they are mixed into one. Do I need to manually paint it or there is another option to break the combined auto material into layers?

similar question. Bump.