Is it possible to make a fully functioning Multiplayer FPS game with Blueprints?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to make a multiplayer FPS game with just blueprints. It would be great if anyone knows of any good tutorials. :slight_smile:


A blueprints based LAN prototype is doable. Production game? Depends…
There’s no really good tutorials! Some on replication are ok, but Sessions?

If your game only uses FPS characters (CMC), then its possible. But once you add vehicles or custom gameplay or require any kind of client-side-prediction to fix lag, things get tricky. There are lots of Multiplayer tutorials, but they’re all flawed. Taking working projects apart is the fastest way to learn replication quickly, as the same patterns repeat.

Best Advice:
Research Multiplayer packs on the Marketplace and go from there. Skip tutorials altogether!