Is it possible to follow this UE4 C++ Tutorial in UE5?

I was wondering how viable it is to follow old UE4 coding tutorials in UE5.

I had a go at following this tutorial but can’t get it to work.
[[UE4 C++] RTS Select and Move Units - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube]

It is supposed to generate a box UI when clicking and dragging but nothing appears.

All the code compiles just fine and nothing crashes, it just simply doesn’t work. I can’t tell if this is something subtle I am missing or if the code won’t work in both engines.

If it is something code side then I am not experienced enough to fix it. But I am kind of hoping it’s maybe 1 or 2 settings in engine I haven’t learned about yet.

(This is possibly a dumb question but I wasn’t sure where else to ask. Apologies if this question is too broad)

Would love to see your code snippet but still there is alot yet morderate changes to ue5. So it can be how you are getting you box. Not giving error just mean you code is good in syntxt but logic is your.
If you are adding x and y mouse value to your box transform i do that then might be sign mistake. Or mouse location transform are not been send. just test one bit at time first get mouse then make simple text change on location then ad it to box. Also when you get old position for before been drage make sure that is not over wrighting the new position. Dont know your code so explain mine. Everybody have his/her style so pleace do sare snippets.