Is it possible to flip between 3PS and FPS?

Is it possible to flip between FPS and 3PS view in game and if so how is this done?

I know it’s possible, I’ve seen the videos for it on, but you’d have to do a search on youtube for unreal engine camera tutorials, this should provide you with a list of videos related and you can find the one that best fits your situation!

This package does that and more.
I bought it a while back and it’s good.

Yes, but I want to develop something that works for me

I highly recomend this. It’s not expensive, and was created by an Epic employee.
You can start with Tom loomans tutorials in cpp if you want. It comes with project files.
One of the best online classes for ue4, and shooters.

ok thankyou I’ll give it a shot

You can use a custom camera actor that’s a child to the PlayerCameraManager class and in the player controller toggle between the first person camera and your camera class using a “SetViewTargetwithBlend” node. You’ll have to do some tooling to get your 3rd person camera to behave the way you need. I had set mine up to lag behind the player and smoothly adjust into an offset position. I am NOT swapping between first and 3rd person, but I am using mousewheel to zoom in/out and I have a view-reset button that will force the camera to line up behind the player.

Here’s the blueprint for my camera. And hopefully you can use your imagination for the controls in the Player Controller bp.
This setup is buggy when running towards the camera while pressing the RecenterCamera action. But that could be fixed by first setting the start and end positions as variables, then lerping between those instead of the current position and the target position.

I think if you get current camera location and use that location to set the freeze location it will smooth better

Thanks for that guys its really informative and very much appreciated!