Is it possible to export camera computed during alignement as .fbx before geo building ?

Hi Guys,

is it possible to export the camera computed during alignement step in a .fbx.

at the moment i have to generate a mesh , and use the export mesh feature to do this.

can i do it at alignment step only ?

thanks for your lights ?



Interesting question. Would make sense to be able to do that.

As a workaround you could just calculate a preview model which is based (by default) on the sparse point cloud so it will take very little time. If file size is an issue, you could delete most of this mesh.

But your idea is definitely more convenient…

Hello Emmanuel,

please post it to the Feature requests section ( where other users can vote for it and raise its priority. Thanks.

Hi guys !

Thanks for your answers, i will submit a RFE for this feature.