Is it possible to edit (live) with friends on unreal engine without being on the same wifi?

(Didnt know where to post it so i posted it here) (sort for the first paragraph but it helps understand it a bit better)
Me and a friend recently have began getting a lot better on unreal and we wanted a sort of true test to see how good we are and want to do something that could as well be fun. We want to make a game together on unreal engine but we do not know how to do it. Ive research a few ideas and so far found 2 that could work, the only problem is one is on unreal engine already install (u just got to activate it and restart your engine) and the other is one that is extremly expensive (100$+). We do not have a large budget yet so the second option is kinda out of here (i know making a game without waste nearlly anything is hard).

The issue is right now due to the virus we are not together and my question is, can we use the one in unreal together (its called Multi-User editing and you can find it in the engine by going to edit in the engine, plugins, Developer and then it should be the second one). Like if i port forward a port and opened a inbound rule with that port to my pc would it work? All tutorials so far i find about this plugin are based on lan and not access from across country or city which as you know isnt possible for us right now. If its not possible any other tips other than switching engines cuz we arent doing that.

Thank you in advance for all the help