Is it possible to dynamically add array of skeletal meshes in BP as child elements?

Hello. I have a npc with base skeletal mesh and additional skeletal meshes as child elements. But it can be a different character with different clothes (from 2 to 6 elements of clothes). So my question is: if I have an array of skeletal meshes (cloth) can I dynamically add it to character as child elements, or I MUST create 6 child elements in npc BP and use it?
P.S. I heard about “add child” function but it works only for widgets as I know.

Try this:

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Well, it doesn’t work because you need actor object reference (self). I need to attach clothes to component. After 3 hours I finally found solution:

variable Mesh is a basic skeletal mesh for character and variable GuardClothes is an array of skeletal meshes.
Thank you very much for attention to my question.

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