Is it possible to create buoyancy?

Is it possible to create some kind of buoyancy system. Mainly I am looking to setup a blueprint system for boats to interact with water volumes. I tried this awhile back with UE3 but it never worked very well. Was wondering if anyone had started working on this with the newer UE4 systems or might want to tackle this as a collaborative project?

Getting buoyancy working is pretty straight forward with characters. I haven’t tried anything with pawns just yet though.

Right that’s what I am really curious about, I want to try to see if it will work with something that’s not a character pawn. Using a boat for instance to calculate the mass of an object and simulate how it would naturally sit in the water and respond to forces “engine power for example”.

best suggestion is just try it!

lot faster & more enlightening than search results are.

have you tried creating the BP as a different class, Actor or even vehicle to see if the physics work, also playing around with settings and what type of component it is could help as well. collision section has a lot of setups & even some physics control in BP.

& btw put a link up for your twitchTV i’d like to see that lol :cool:

I’ve seen some buoyancy stuff around with boats, it’s generally done using multiple traces afaik.
You could trace down from 3 to 4 points and use that to determine where to position the boat or object. Maybe done with physics set to flying?

I achieved similar results cheating it, but I can’t guarantee it will work for you. I essentially just counteracted the gravity with an inverse fall formula, basically 1:1 with gravity, and then put a modifier on it. I put the modifier on a time->cos so it simulated ‘bobbing’. I didn’t even put 5 minutes into testing it, as I was just playing around. If I have the file I will slap it up here.

Interesting Britain that’s a trick I have used with working with Gamesalad to counter act gravity on a few physics puzzle games… Never thought of trying that with UE4…

Will look into that too, I had a few links sent over to me that seem to be using actual physics calculations with the fluid volumes too. So I am going to give that a try here soon, if all else fails then I guess its time to get creative with some hacks… cause no ones ever done that to get a feature to work before… :stuck_out_tongue:

Have not messed around with it to much as of yet its been mostly just theory right now. Works going to slow down here this next week and I got a week off for Christmas so I should be able to hammer out some working tests.

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