Is it possible to create a round map where you can run from one side and end up back at the start

Hi, So i had this idea of creating an open world map with a very large area and i got to thinking if it was possible to create a round map where if a player was to run say i dunno 2,000km towards the edge of a zone where he would eventually end up back in the starting zone. So my question is, could it be possible to link the end zone with the starting zone to create a sphere/global type map?

If there is any documentation/ posts/ Videos on this please let me know, i am eager to figure this out rather then using a map that is flat and ends when you reach the end of the zone.


Check the “Content Examples” demo pack, look for level streaming. Pretty sure this can be used to make a wrap around map, though I have yet to try it.
If the level streaming example is not in “Content Examples”, then check “Features Tour 2014”. It’s in one of those two.