Is it possible to create a new physically simulated body consisting of multiple meshes in the middle of a pawns lifetime

I’d like to create/change a physically simulated body consisting of multiple UStaticMeshComponent, in the middle of the lifetime for a pawn(i.e. after the constructor has run.)

When using AutoPossessPlayer = EAutoReceiveInput::Player0; and having an already existing actor in the editor, creating the the components using :

Comp = NewNamedObject<UStaticMeshComponent>(this, FName(*RootNameString));

,results in a physically simulated body consisting of multiple meshes.
But when rerunning the function later only the root component will be simulated.

If the Pawn is spawned and possessed like this:

    PlayerControllerClass = AShipPlayerController::StaticClass();  
    DefaultPawnClass = AShipPawn::StaticClass();  

It only works when creating the components with the CreateDefaultSubobject function.

Link to the function in question on Hastebin

Found out the answer myself, was pretty simple, mildly embarrassed: