Is it possible to cache a pose for more than one frame?

I’m working on a procedural type of animation system, and I have a question. Does anybody here know if it’s possible to cache or save the current pose and retrieve it at a later time? I’m working on a type of “momentum” for animations and need to be able to have a reference to whatever pose the skeleton was in 1 frame ago when calculating the next pose.

In 4.13 you have this.

So in 4.13 you can store/cache the index of the animation and jump to it at any time so in this case you can jump to frame 1 and then frame 10 and blend between the two.

Note: yet to check into this but looking forward to.

That’s close but what I’m talking about would be saving the result of a whole bunch of blends and being able to recall the resultant pose whenever I want. Basically I want to be able to take a “snapshot” of the pose and save it.