Is it possible to bring the UT3 and GeoW content over?

I’m just wondering as I’ll buy both of those games for their content if I can just port that stuff right over. I’m not looking to sell anything, I just have fun making maps and need more content as UE4 has nothing and I do not know how to make textures and what not. I’ve been mapping with Source since 2005 for fun and there is so much content to use there, without anything on UE4, it is kinda useless for me.


Have you looked at the Market place? There are a number of Examples with loads of content ie. The elemental demo.

You can also download some assets from:

or you can even import the meshes from UDK :slight_smile:

Just no resources that I need…

Are there any tutorials on how to model and create textures? Will just have to do it myself, I spose it isn’t that simple in UE as they have many layers and properties. Also what is the cheapest and best software to use for this? I don’t have the money to spend hundreds on software.


the best free software for modelling is Blender and for texturing Gimp.

As smokey13 suggested take a look at blender.

Here is a pretty good tutorial series: