Is it possible to apply Grass & Landscape Materials to Non-Landscape Actors

I hope the topic question is clear, here’s my situation.

I am in the Architectural 3D field

When it comes to landscaping, and showing correct heights, grades, & elevations, my Landscape data comes from GIS CDEM geogratis. I then model out roads, curbs, properties & grades. While this might be seen as tedious & overly accurate. Now this worked for Lumion for material & grass. But is it possible to apply the landscape materials & grass to the 3D model if I import it as it’s own. With UE4 I am limited to using the built in landscape tools by default or by height map.

Is there an option to apply landscape to a single material layer that represents the ground/grass? I feel like I’m missing something, and that there’s a way to do this but I can’t quite figure that part out.