Is it possible to animate a blueprint camera?

I’d like to be able to do something in the fashion of the gif I’m going to post and that would probably require to animate the camera in some way.

Is it possible to do something like this? I mean, I know that with Matinee I could do it like no problem, but then again I would have to create a matinee event like that on every single map.
The only idea I have is to interpolate between certain locations and rotations of the camera, but that wouldn’t give me such nice results.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

I am actually researching this at the moment. What I’ve found is that you will need to do everything in the character being controlled (party members should be a child of this character expecially if they’re controllable). You can control the camera to move it to a different point, but the issue I’ve run into is manipulating the camera in relative space and having that hold up with the character is face in multiple directions. I’ve figured out to use line traces to the desired location and if it hits anything (walls, enemies, etc) then trace to a backup location until successful (looping if it cycles through and no location is found).

What’s done in early Final Fantasy games and Kingdom Hearts is premade (the gif you provided). They rendered that and then when they’re ready to summon, it pretty much plays that, pauses gameplay in the background and spawns the summon to location while it is playing.

I can keep you updated on how things go for me.

Oh, another issue is using multiple cameras. You will pretty much need to place multiple camera in every level in order to make things work. I’ve tried manually moving the main camera (as described above) and there’s an easy way to actually do it, but it looks for camera actors and the follow camera is a scene component. Doing things this way (placing multiple camera in the scene) will likely be the way things are done. You will then need to know the player’s world space location and be able to adjust it based on the direction they’re facing. This method uses the Set View Target with Blend node.

In my opinion, many things like this would be solved if they remade matinee to be an actual file you can play anywhere. That way you would be able to create an animated sequence or just cool camera angles and play them at any moment. I’m still unsure about why they went that route. I think that for sequences like that I will do what you said. Create a big skeletal mesh with all the animations premade, but then I wouldn’t know how to focus the camera angles. I’d probably have to hardcode the locations the camera needs to move towards… Epic should really solve this.