Is it possible to adjust mesh shape with the help of bones and then remove the bones?

Is it possible to adjust mesh shape with the help of bones and then remove the bones and leave the collision and the shape of the mesh ?
I Want to implement a way to modify a landscape surface to make none flat surfaces. i know a mesh with a lot of bones will cost a lot performance wise.
Is there a way to disable them for the gameplay so performance won’t be hurt ?

As in having access to both shapes?

Yes there are a couple of ways to do it but a bit more info as to what you want to do would help.

Setup would require adding what type of collision you want to add to the landscape but excluding what kind of collision you use.

You could make the landscape a morph.
You could make both landscapes a static and combined them as a component blueprint. You can then turn on and off visibility.
You could keyframe the bones and export as a skeletal model with the animations.
You could do an old fashion model swap. (which would be the same as a component blueprint)

As to performance, and what I don’t know at the moment, is what gets rendered in hardware and what require CPU processing so the morph route would make for a cool real time effect but traditionally morphs were CPU bound. The bone route is hardware render so the question is what you mean by a “lot” of bones(?)

What software are you using to make the landscape?

Thanks for answering. The goal is to make landscape as close to the native ue4 and implement them in my map builder.
Link :

I’m using blender as my 3D package program.