Is It possible to adjust Audio EQ in Blueprint?

I am hoping to adjust eq on an audio component in blueprint. I’ve been researching for 90 minutes or so with still no luck. There is a node called “Make SubmixEffectEqBand” that looks like exactly what I want but I can’t figure out what to plug it into or how to make it do something. Also I looked into using “Set SoundMix Override” as a work around (set a soundmix with eq I want and then interpolate into it) but I can’t seem to get the soundmix override node to work either. It either doesn’t work at all or if it does work it sounds like it is just meshing abunch of mixes on top of each other. Any guidance is appreciated.

Also tried looking for a way to “Break” properties from the soundmix being used from a variable but got no such outlets there either