Is it possible to achieve this cool car effect inside Unreal?

Hey guys, i’m making a GTA style game, and i’m proudly say i’m about to start model my first enterable car!!! :smiley: YAAYYYYY!! :smiley: :smiley: This is what i want, i want to have a car that drives by a single mountain road, but, i want it to look stunintly realistic, is this possible to make this kind of effect in Unreal?

check out how the sound change when the car is comming and going away, it sounds more like a plane, is a very cool effect and gives it more realism into the game, by terms of sound at least XD. i’m new to the sounds, by now, the only thing i have done is to achieve a realistic character looking, walking and running, it doens’t look that realistic but, hey, it’s my first AAA style looking attempt :wink: latter on i’ll post some progress in here to share with you what i’m doing.
SO, back in the topic, is there a way to make that sound effect inside Unreal?

My warm greetings!!

In theory, yes, you probably could create it within UE. It’s mostly a reverb/compressor effect that swells; with some distortion combined in. The problem is that it sounds pretty layered. It sounds like you’d need some LFOs and maybe a HFO or two that would also be driven by an LFO; to give some throb to them. The compressors would be driven by the FOs and the swell intensity. All of those effects would be layered with or on the base “drive” sound(some of the effects would modulate the car sound, some would layer over it).

Personally, It would probably be easier to make and bake out the sounds in an external program. I would make two sounds, one would be the base drive sound and the second would be the “peak” of it’s swelling. In UE, I’d blend between the two based on distance or direction or something along those lines. Keep in mind, I don’t have any experience with sound mixing in UE, at all, but I’ve done a lot with actual audio programs and synthesizers; it’s just been some years since the last time I’ve done any sound work.

AWSOME ANSWER MATE!!! BTW, remember i told i was modeling my first car for this game? I want to make it enterable/exitable, and i also want to animate it. I searched videos about how to make my character enter exit the car, but no tutorials about how to animate it. (I don’t know if the people who made those tutorial are just lazy or doesn’t know how to do animations) So, as this is my first vehicle, before to export it to unreal, i want to be sure how to properly model a GTA V style car (Exterior/Interior) the dobut now is : Do i have to make the doors by apart? What would be the best way to make the open/close door animation in … lets say, 3ds max?