Is it okay to use Timeline for?

Hi All,

I have been trying to play with the objects (SM_Cube) and started to write the code for pushing those (only in x or y and not able to push diagonally) …

Here is what i did: I have 2 input mappings one to go into push anim state…and othe to activate a timeline if hit twice…On hitting the second input key…a timeline starts which will update the locations of player and the object by lerping bewteen the current location of player and object to the location which is x units far. (need to tweek some values to make it appear more natural)

Found:: I found that we can achieve the push by using Physics Constraint and some events

Question: Is it okay to write in way i did without using Physics Constraint Component to the object’s blueprint?

Hello! With physics, it is possible that you won’t achieve the exact end result you want cause it is based on simulation. Is the object you are moving your pawn?

The object is World Static SM_Cube (just a cube) and Player is Third Person character