Is it okay to use TC_UserInterface2D Compression for masks?

If I use any other compression settings - my channels having “echo” from each other - effects of compressions, but with TC_UserInterface2D everything is fine, but I’m afraid it could kill performance ~_~

Are you using opacity masks or transparency?
The main issue with using different compression settings is that something could change it without you wanting it to since it’s not in the right group.

I’m using it to build composite texture!
Something like multiply R channel with B channel and then add G channel, nothing special

isn’t there a TC_Mask or something like that? I don’t have the editor in front of me but I’m sure there is at least a TC_Alpha and I think there is another one for masks … or you could try even with the TC_Alpha

I said - I’ve tried everything else and it does not work due to compression algorithms.

TC_Mask exists for separate masks, which does not intersect with each other, like this

TC_VectorDisplacementMap’s are really useful if you want to use an uncompressed texture, but they WILL eat through your texture memory so use it wisely.

The reason they exist is for things like Flow Maps, when the texture simply can’t be altered without causing huge artefacts.

Also, make sure SRGB is OFF.