Is it normal to have laggy/jerky camera when playing in editor?


I briefly want to mention that I haven’t used UE4 in almost 2 years and when I did it wasn’t very much. I had a gaming rig that I bought for it, but never had the time to sit down and use it. Now I’ve sold my rig and bought a high-end gaming laptop for UE4 use. It’s an MSI GS70 Stealth Pro-006.

I’ve had the laptop for 1 week now and have noticed when running the latest build of UT4 in the editor it seems like the framerate is low because my movements (when I move the mouse/reticle) aren’t as smooth as they should be. However, I’ve enabled the framerate to be shown and it appears I’m getting about 60 fps. It’s important to note that when running the pre-alpha build of the actual game (outside of the editor) I do not notice this. Also, I’ve tested my laptop by running SMITE at it’s highest settings and it’s extremely smooth running at 60fps.

At first I was thinking it was my laptop not being powerful enough which would have been weird because I have a 970m GPU, but after testing out SMITE and UT Pre-Alpha it seems like it’s not the problem. Is this kind of thing normal to experience when playing in the editor?