Is it inefficient to add all particles my player pawn uses to its class?

My player pawn has some particles that it uses constantly, and others that toggle on and off conditionally. I have added the continuously emitting ones as a UParticleSystemComponent and I initialize them in the pawn’s constructor, then toggle them on/off during play as needed.

I have two particle systems on my pawn already plus I keep another reference to an emitter I spawn and play once on death. It’s all working and I was planning on adding more to my pawn in this fashion, but I wasn’t sure if keeping these particle references in memory all the time would end up becoming a problem at some point.

Also, do constant emitters each need their own ParticleSystemComponent if they will both need to play at the same time, or could I attach multiple emitters to the same ParticleSystemComponent?

I am no expert in UE but regarding the first part of your question (efficiency), I see no performance problem with your design as long as you turn off the emitters that are not currently used and that you don’t have hundreds of them (in such a case you would probably need to allocate them on demand). However in terms of construction it may benefit from some more modularity maybe using components.