is it compulsory to have a game project to make plugin?

Do I always need to have a blank project and use it plugins directory to develop the plugin?

I understand it’s good to have the project so that you can quickly test your plugin but is that the only way?

Just wanted to know if there is any other feasible methods but it’s perfectly fine if there isn’t

I’ve been making plugins and haven’t come across any other way. Not sure if there is one, but I can’t see why you would want to develop a plugin and not be able to test it in the editor anyway?

It’s better that way, if you but plugin source to plugin directory in engine directory, plugin will compile together with engine project (same as 3rd party plugins you download usally order you to do so), so it’s better to do that in game directory, once you finish you can move it to engine directory, you can always move it ealier for testing and keep development version in game project