Is is possible to Import Character/FBX with various props keyed?

I have a Character which picks up and places buckets. His handling of the buckets is fairly detailed. Picking up, putting down, moving hands under to dump, and grabbing the lip versus the handle. Animating it has been a nightmare. Lots of switching link constraints and FK/IK in 3dsmax. Would it be possible to bring this in to Unreal. I tried FBX the character does grab and walk dump so forth, and I brought in the buckets as a separate animation but they are not synced up properly. Mostly likely doing it all wrong.

Any advise appreciated. Should I use alembic format and just bake it all to point cache? I don’t see doing sockets and all that being the buckets are keyed to do many things.

What is the best procedures for importing complex animations that involve multiple assets and linkage like this? Thank you!!!

A bucket shouldn’t be animated.
what you do is you place the bucket bone within the skeleton you import and make it part of the whole animation.
Then its as simple as socketing the bucket to the bone.

You can release and attach the bucket based on the animation tracks with notifies, so it shouldn’t prevent the bucket from being placed on a different bone for another animation or left on the floor.

Thanks for help I just shinned the bucket to a bone it animates ok now . I will study sockets. . New problem now is after I reopen it says cant find skeleton . And it’s broken. Why is it losing track of the Skelton animation how can I fix?

Unsure what you are doing, maybe if you exited without saving all the files that could happen…

Thanks I tried deleting and reimporting several times allways making sure did a save all, tried fbx 2018 2019 2020 also migrating assets maybe will try with fresh project

I think its working one thing i did was disable datasmith fbx import plugin, and then on fbx import reset options… mystery