Is is possible to do a multiplayer like this

Hi guys, I spent the last days searching about how multiplayer works at unreal and I got some questions.

#1 - Is it already possible to multi-instance one dedicated server?
I’ve searched a lot about it and the max I found is that today we can run multiple servers.

#2 If the above is not possible, is it possible to use the dedicated server to run the game (map, etc, etc) and inside the game instance some p2p connections between close geo-located players?

What i meant is, the dedicated will run the map, but inside the game it will client-side host a game between the players that are geo-located close.
e.g. Let’s suppose that all players in the field are in NY they would be in a session and all players in the city would be in LA and they would be in another session, but all of them are binded to the dedicated server.

I would appreciate if you guys could explain to me why it works/not works or send me somewhere so I can learn, I’m really trying to make this game.

Love Ya #DarkB