Is is possible to call a RPC on a Actor without using a player

Hi. I have a actor that needs to be replicated. Its a group of birds. I want them to replicate but i found out that you cant call rpc on the actor itself without calling them on the player. I tried using authority but this only works on the dedicated servers and not with a host / client.

Wait, I’m not sure exactly what you mean. If your birds are some sort of primitive AI, they should probably NetMulticast to all players.

If they’re somehow triggered by a player, it should still be handled by the server.

they are a primitive AI.

It’s not try that you can’t call RPCs on them.

The thing you can’t call is “ServerRPC” and “ClientRPC”, as they need a Client to be the Owner of the Actor.
That’s why it’s working for PlayerControllter or PlayerCharacter.

The Owner of your Birds is probably the Server, so these two types of RPCs won’t work.

The one that works is “NetMulticast”, so a Multicast to all instances of the Bird Actor.

So now the question is: What do you want to do? Because I can’t tell what your goal is.