Is here working(!) sample/tutorial for steam integration?

Hi, my previous question wasn’t answered for 2 weeks and my tries activate/use steam in UE4 still failing. In this case i really wonder, does steam ever working with UE4?

If yes, can you provide more specific answer like:

on what UE4 version
maybe a project sample with working function Steam_Init
type of build in vs (debug editor, debug development and so on, x32 or x64)
verion of steam

p.s. i really like UE and continue anyway, but lack of paid support and answers for 2 weeks make me sad :frowning:

Hey happyhorror,

I did implement Steam some time ago (at least the Overlay worked), I stopped that project though and moved to mobile, so I’m not sure about the currect situation, but Steam is definitely possible. You have to take care what Steamworks version you use though, there are a lot of places where you might need to configure the version (afaik the current one is v130? That differs from the one in the tutorial).
Use the -log command line argument in Visual Studio and investigate closely what is written in the log console (especially at the beginning, if there is a version mismatch or something related, you’ll find it there)
There are a lot of possibilites what went wrong, so it’s hard to tell you what the problem is.
I did use the 4.5 version, development editor, (standard settings) and the v130 steamworks (if I remember correctly). However, I do not have the project anymore…
Your best bet is (as I already mentioned) the log window and make sure the version numbers match everywhere! (as well as folder naming etc.)