Is everything that's possible in Blueprints also possible with C++ and vise versa?

Are blueprints just a visual simplification of C++, or are there certain things that Blueprints can do that C++ can’t? And if so what are those things?

No, blueprints are limited to what is in the C++ as far as I know. A good example is the limitations of AI currently. Basically if you want complex AI you’re going to have to program their actions in C++ since the blueprints wont outline anything else much other then who to shoot and where to go.

But i am no programmer, so don’t take my word if you don’t want to.

As far as AI go, you can actually do quite a lot with blueprint nodes in a behavior tree (another asset type we’ve created which is available under our “experimental” features). We’re working on documentation and tutorials for behavior trees right now, and we’ll release them as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can read some info about them here: Behavior Tree Info

Essentially yes, blueprints are a visualisation of the components of the underlying game engine which you can use in such a way as to create new reusable components.

But you seem to misunderstand what C++ is. The engine itself is written in C++. If a blueprint component does not have a particular feature you are looking for it will be because either the C++ code to do the job does not yet exist or the programmer who wrote the C++ for the blueprint component chose not to expose it to the blueprint system.

You will either need to make it your self out of the other existing blue print features OR edit/write your own new features in C++ to add to the engine. So in that respect blueprints are far more limited than C++.

However, the engine these guys have made has been done so in such a way as to give you as much flexibility as possible without the need to know how to code, as the blueprint system is aimed at artists, level designers for a quick turn around.

Thanks for the replies, I was just making sure that it’s okay to work primarily in C++ and that I wouldn’t be missing out on anything by doing so. Code makes much more sense to me than blueprints.