is dumpmovie working for anyone?

my command is this

“C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe” “C:\Users[USERNAME]\Documents\Unreal Projects\PRGT_47_v2\PRGT_47_v2.uproject” -game Maps\PRGT_start.umap?-ResX=1920 -ResY=1080 -BENCHMARK -FPS=24 -DUMPMOVIE -SECONDS=30 -SILENT -NOWRITE -NOTEXTURESTREAMING -WINDOWED

there is no output file no matter what I do.

just tried this on the Matinee fight scene and have tried taking out everything but the -DUMPMOVIE command it appears that it is completely broken can anyone confirm this please?

I’ve never been able to make it work. We need a tutorial on this asap I think lol. I bought a 1-hour class on matinee but it’s in French. It’s on It costs 8 euros. Could be useful maybe if you understand french.

I know how to use matinee that is not the issue. the issue is that the movie export is not working as documented or not at all as far as I can tell. I have my animation built in Matinee and it looks exactly like what I want it to when I hit play. The problem is I can get a movie exported of it.

Hopefully Epic will say something about it. I want to know how to use dumpmovie too!

In the interest of keeping this discussion all in one place, I am going to close this thread. Please use this thread for further discussion on this topic, where an answer to the issue is posted:!-please-help!

Thank you!