Is distance field for foliage instanced?

I am wondering if distance field for a static mesh is shared.

I cannot imagine that having a unique distance field for every instanced foliage.
I went through unreal documents and it seems that every instanced mesh generates their own unique distance field which eats up memory a lot.

There are two different kind of distance fields. A per-object one, and a global one. The per-object one is shared between multiple instances of the same mesh. The global one is global, so there it makes no difference if you have 100 times the same mesh or 100 different meshes.

[USER=“24522”]John Alcatraz[/USER] Thank you for the information!
Do you know how to set up the per-object distance mesh?

The way I do is to click on “generate distance field” in the mesh tab. I am not sure if this button makes global DF or local DF.

That button affects the per-object DF, so that’s the correct way to set that up. The global one can only be affected by console variables, not by any per-mesh settings.

[USER=“24522”]John Alcatraz[/USER]