Is CustomDepth not same with SceneDepth on VR Instanced Stereo?

Hi all,
I’m making this kind of post processing material to determine the character outline.
It is working well on VR/Non-VR, but it isn’t working on the VR Instanced Stereo.

I just quickly saw the shader code, it seems like adding some bias value (InstancedStereoDepthBias).
Is this make difference value between CustomDepth and SceneDepth?
Is there any way to generate same value?
I just set InstancedStereoDepthBias=0 on InstancedStereo.usf for testing, but it doesn’t work.

Check the couch knights project; it uses custom depth to highlight the character when it walks behind furniture. Just check and see if it’s effect works with instanced stereo turned on (sorry, not at my PC or I would look and see).