Is creating an A.I a mixture of C++ and Blueprint?

I am currently going through tutorials on YouTube learning simple A.I movements, actions etc. I notice there are some Blueprints implemented and some do not. Is Blue Print a crucial Part of creating an A.I for your game? Is there a correct way of doing it or more of a personal taste?

It’s generally both. You can create Decorators / Tasks in C++ for common things (“Find nearest Water source”), and then use BP to set up the behavior trees and any one-off things (“Throw rock into water”) that a particular AI may need. There is no “correct” way of doing things, it’s all personal taste and what performance characters of your game end up being.

so unreal is kinda crazy in the fact that you have a sliding scale of what you want to use c++ or blueprints. in almost 90% of what most people need, you can do 0 to 100% on either blueprints of c++. For example AI, you can do 50% blueprints / 50% c++. or all blueprints or all c++. or 90% of one and 10% of the other.

Blueprints are of course easier for a beginner, and typically they are faster to prototype. Downside to blueprints are they are slower than c++, and blueprints can get very messy if they get complex (AI can become complex). see: