Is blueprint nativization a magical tool to make Blueprint as nearly fast as C++?

When blueprint nativization method hadn’t been created, many people complainted that blueprint was much slower than C++ in performance(sometimes it could 10 slower than C++ as I remembered correctly). But since the creation of this magical tool, more and more people are changing their opinion about blueprint’s performance- as they can create an entire game in blueprint and then nativizing all blueprints into native C++ to achieve a massive boost in speed. And i am not an exception- i have also successful nativized my entire- blueprint game into C++ without any error, and the speed of the game has increased significantly far beyond my expectation.

So i am wondering, in a near future when this method has been optimized, will people who are not good at C++ can still create bad-■■■ game(even AAA game) with just only Blueprint Nativization Method?

(Here is a good video show the massive difference between Blueprint and Blueprint Nativization in term of performance:)
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There are many resources on this field already that you can find on the forums and the AnswerHub, so I won’t write a Grim tale here. Generally speaking:

  • Nativized Blueprints will never be as efficient as pure C++
  • You’ll always access more things from C++ than BP, so you’ll very likely need to write C++ anyways if you want to have access to anything non-trivial
  • There are no “AAA” games without a real programmer

Anyways, you can of course create “bad-■■■” games with just Blueprints if you can limit your scope, but you’ll probably never have an efficient PUBG or Fortnite sized game without C++ coding.

Thanks for your reply- watching that livestream has gave me a little more about what i actually can/ can’t do with Blueprint Nativization. Maybe with a small-scale project when speed is trivial, we can absolutely covert entire blueprint into C++ to make the game as good as possible, but if we are looking for something more complicated, C++ will be a better option both in term of time-saving and performance.

Kristof’s answer is really good. Here are some useful links to give you more informations.

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