Is Blue Print in Unreal really that good?


I’m learning Unreal Engine and game development in general. I’m trying to switch from Unity workflow to Unreal. What I’ve heard so much about Unreal Engine is probably not how cool the engine perform compare to Unity but blue print and graphic.

Before I’m jumping into Blue Print tutorial, I really want answer on why most topics I found on the internet that talking about Unreal tend to involve around Blue Print system? I think Unity also has this Blue Print system which is not free and I never seen anyone talking about it.

Thank for the feedback.

Blueprints are a way of doing things faster that makes it easier to understand for people that aren’t programmers. Unity has some things that try to replicate it, but since those systems do not integrate directly with the Unity source code it does not work as well as the Blueprint system in UE4.

You will probably find Blueprints cumbersome at first, versus ease of Unity C#.
BP can be laborious for intricate nested loops / ops on variables vs code equiv.
Overall BP isn’t all-encompassing / powerful, not yet as a lot just isn’t exposed.

But the ability to color visual-code and ‘shape organize it’ logically is massive.
You can often organize your ideas better & jump-to & find code snippets faster…
BP lets you brainstorm / try things out without risk of drowning in dense-tech!!!

But don’t move to Unreal for BP, it takes lots of nodes to match a line of C#…
Move because UE4 looks better with better editors (if you’ve got the hardware).
Its very tricky to get Unity to look as good, not without a lot of extra plugins…

Its up to you, but its always best to stick with something that’s native to the editor!
Plus Unity C# is so easy, switching to Unity node-programming doesn’t make sense…

A blueprint is a reproduction of a technical drawing, documenting an architecture or an engineering design, using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets.

How hard to script in C++ for Unreal compare to C# in Unity? Also, is it true that Unreal Engine editor is more intuitive than the Unity?

The things that interest me about UE is that I always see gorgeous looking prototype on youtube and when I check the description to see the engine I see that they uses the UE. This made up a conclusion that UE might be fast at prototyping compare to Unity. I’ve never seen any cool looking project made by individual using unity(Except Blacksmith demo)even people has access to all free asset. But the same thing doesn’t happen to people who’re using UE. Do you agree with this?