Is a widget possible in the VR template?

i used a lot of widgets in the other templates. But in this Vr template it wont display on the screen. I havent figured out how i can display this. Just “add to viewport” is not working. Is that because it needs to have a location because of the Vive goggles?

Try this:

thanks, i will try this tomorrow. That experimental widget i havent seen before. If that works in the VR template, i would be great. But i have the feeling its not that easy this time, but we will see :slight_smile:

I usually attach a menu directly onto one of the VR hands on the Pawn, triggered by the grib button, then add a wiedget interaction on the right hand.

ha great info thanks. I can do that too i guess. I did it this morning in the pawncontroller. There i added a widget in front of the camera. That works fine. But attaching it to the hands is probably a nicer way.