iOS Metal questions

I’ve got a few questions regarding Metal.

–Is there anything different than checking the support metal box that needs to be done to utilize metal? I get the same fps with that checked as with it unchecked.
–Are there going to be modified performance guidelines for metal (Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices | Unreal Engine Documentation)
–Are there different commands to see metal stats? I don’t know how to even see if it is using metal.
–Should the game be able to launch with “Support Metal” checked and “Support Open GLES2” unchecked? Because it crashes on iPad Air when opening game.

Maybe there is going to be a support page soon?

Ok i found this – – which says 4.4 doesn’t have metal compiled in. So I downloaded the 4.5 preview and I did get it to launch with metal checked and Open GLES2 unchecked, but I don’t see any performance increase in terms of fps.

  • Did you see in the app log if it did choose the Metal renderer?
  • For metal stats, you can try ‘stat metalrhi’, but you probably have better/bigger areas to target with ‘stat scenerendering’ and ‘stat sceneupdate’

You’d only see perf gains if you are rendering lots of draw calls (so a lot of objects) and that would be only the CPU rendering side (Metal doesn’t help with GPU too much!).

Will anything like instanced static mesh be supported with Metal? I’m just trying to get my board game with more than 100 meshes to run at 30fps at full retina resolution on the iPad Air( the next iPad Air may not be a problem). I’ll probably just have to live with a lower resolution but I was trying to figure out how to optimize it.

It’s on my task list to add real instancing for Metal…

But is cpu rendering your bottleneck? Metal should be fine with 100 meshes, you might be hitting fill rate problems (gpu with complex materials struggles at full retina res).

Yeah I think I figured out last night the materials that I was using are having a little more affect on the fps than the draw calls. Which means I may not run it at full retina so I can have higher quality materials.