iOS Game Black screen?

When i launch my game i get my splash screen, and than i hear my sounds, but theres a black screen and i cant see nothing, and theres no controlls on screen. Is theres a problem with the aspect ratio maybe? Cause when i deploy to android it works fine.

Getting the same sort of thing. Built an ipa yesterday and deployed through itunes fine (windows). Change the map a bit and try again - nope… just splash screen, blackness and then crash (oneversion it went splash screen, black, then flashed the splash for half a second and then went black and timed out) - this is frustrating

Dont use FrontEnd that never works. Open your project, make sure you have a mobile provision and certificate and LAUNCH it from within your project. Dont use front end. If u do it within your project your game will load fine.

got nothing… Loaded up fine but freezed as soon as the level appeared on the screen and then crashed.

Make sure you have specified the correct map, under Project Settings > Maps & Modes > Default Maps > Game Default Map.

Otherwise it will default to a default engine starter map that is purely visually black.

Hope this helps.