iOS Distribution Profile Not Chosen and No Profile is Selected

I couldn’t figure out how to get Unreal to choose my distribution profile and cert. Right now non of it is selected (not highlighted in green)



Is there a manual way to set my profile and cert?

*My bundle identifier is correct, recheck a few times and even copy pasted from the identifier I created on

EDIT: When I try uploading the .ipa using application loader, it gives me this error

ERROR ITMS-90211: “Invalid Code
Signing Entitlements. The signature
for your app bundle contains
entitlement values that are not
supported. For the
entitlement, the value must start with
the prefix provided by Apple in the
provisioning profile, followed by
characters that are uppercase or
lowercase Roman letters [A-Z, a-z],
the digits 0 through 9, dot [‘.’], or
hyphen [‘-’], and not contain any
wildcard characters. Specifically,
value ‘K48XXXX89L.*’ for the key
in ‘Payload/’ is
not supported.”