iOS builds on Windows

Hi there,
I am thinking about moving from Unity3d to Unreal Engine.
Can I really do iOS builds on Windows? I do not need Mac and Xcode?
UE can really make .ipa file directly? That sounds very unbelievable to me :smiley:
It something that I am not used to with Unity3d :slight_smile:

You can package in development mode for iOs on Windows yes. If you want to make a shipping version for in the App Store, you need a Mac.

Thanks. It’s really amazing. So I also do not need Xcode for shipping version? Just Application Loader?

You should remember if you want to write some source code or use external plugin it won’t work without Mac.

There’s a document about that all here;

For example, I’m making VR applications for iPhone. So I’m needing the GoogleVR plugin, so I’m needing remote-build with Mac. If I wanted to make it without the GoogleVR, I’m fine with just Windows.